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06 March



"Man, if you do not want to stop being man should feed values ​​recover lost or envision new ones, should look into the same habits of society terms of usable and valuer can out of them." (Cagigal, sport Oh! Anatomy of a Giant).

No doubt one of the greatest problems that a sportsman or a professional educator sports is all those elements referred to skills education faces.

The sport has become the greatest physical expression of the human being and as such, should not only stay in this section, in addition to the discipline, should look at the habits of society and improving sport behavior of each individual.

Through cycling, there are many mentors and educators in this sport every day show their wisdom on a bicycle trying to find in the sport the best way of sportlife. It should be closely related to life.

From Bike Experience Tenerife advocate what it means dignity and culture in sport, where you have to assume a number of responsibilities for values ​​education is concerned. From the first pedal stroke to the last, knowing what it means to make responsible consumption and environmental support. Because we believe in sports education for the sole reason of developing the life of each athlete according to his person.


Here, we share this fantastic video from Academy cyclist Maté. Imperdible document!

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