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31 May

Tenerife, the training place


Each year there are more athletes and bicycle teams that choose Tenerife like trainig place. Today we´ll show you the reasons.

This year we have received the visit of some teams like Team Sky, Pro Team Astana, Team LottoNL Jumbo, ect. Currently they are preparing to the Tour of France. But the fact is that every year more elite sportsmen and teams come here. What are the reasons?

The frist one and the most significant is the good weather. The average temperature in Tenerife is 21 ºC and the sun shines almost all the year, around 2.851 hours a year. Needless to say that These conditions are perfect for all kind of sports and allows you to train the whole year.

The second reason is that Tenerife is a mountainous island, Tenerife offers the possibility of playing a wide range of mountain sports. In fact here is El Teide with its 3.718 mts, it`s the largest mountain in Spain and the third-largest volcano in the world. These characteristics makes the route have big variations and slopes and all of them differents. Characteristics that all of cyclists and teams are looking for.

And the third and last one includes various points. One of them is the security and the big facility at the time to come here because we are in Europe, so that means: No Visa and No needless paperwork. Here we have a good tourism infrastructure, in our case, Bike Experince Tenerife offers: high-range bicycles, accessories, guide and transport. Finally, we have to speak about the wonderful scenery the island has got: Beaches, deep ravines,  laurisilva forests and high mountains.

We believe that there are plenty of reasons to choose Tenerife like your Training place. Don't wait any longer, come and see yourself.

Pro Team Astana

Here the Pro Tema Astana in El Teide.

LottoNL Jumbo

The Team LottoNL Jumbo in Granadilla.

Team Sky

And the Tema Sky in El Teide.

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