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Where do the champions train? In Tenerife (2018)

It is not new for us to see cycling teams arriving on our island. Tenerife has the perfect conditions for almost any sports practice, in particular for cycling. Tenerife is known as the island of the “Eterna Primavera” (eternal spring) due of its temperature stability, 22 degrees average, which makes it perfect for a year-round training. Due to its diverse ground, it has a wide range of routes. It i...


The E-bikes are here!

You've run out of excuses, the E-Bikes are here to stay. Thanks to the electric motor you will increase your power, but do not worry, you still will have to pedal and do exercise. With electric power, rough terrain is no longer an issue. The hills are simply flattened out, and a headwind no longer slows you down. It’s the closest you can get to feeling like Superman!

The E-bikes have many advantag...


Renting saves any complications, time and money 2018

Leave home and enjoy the sport with the peace of mind to know you have support at all times. Problems arise when we need to transport bikes. We are sure you have asked yourself, Should I bring my bike on the plane or rent ?

At first the idea of being able to use your own bike seems the best solution. Probably because you find it more comfortable travelling the world with it taking pictures to remember. ...