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Road Cycling for Beginners
Join us for a guided cycling tour of Los Gigantes, with experienced guides and breathtaking routes. Choose from our different tour options, from beginner-friendly to advanced, and discover the beauty of Los Gigantes on two wheels. We'll take care of everything, book now and start your cycling adventure in Los Gigantes.
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Are you looking for a unique cycling experience in Tenerife? Bike Experience Tenerife offers you the opportunity to discover the stunning landscapes of the island in an exciting and different way. Our expert guides will take you on amazing cycling routes in Tenerife and make you feel like a true hero on your cycling adventure. Ready to pedal and explore the most beautiful corners of Tenerife on a bike?
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If you are looking to rent gravel bikes in Tenerife, Bike Experience Tenerife is your best option. We offer high-quality gravel bike rentals to explore the less traveled paths of the island. Enjoy a unique adventure experience while admiring the impressive natural landscapes that Tenerife offers on a gravel bike. Contact us now to rent your gravel bike and discover the island on two wheels with Bike Experience Tenerife. Don't wait any longer to experience the excitement of riding a gravel bike in Tenerife!
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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Tenerife! At Bike Experience Tenerife, we offer a wide selection of adventure bikes so you can explore the island's most breathtaking landscapes. From mountain trails to coastal routes, our bikes are designed to adapt to any terrain. Discover the thrill of cycling in Tenerife and book your adventure bike now!

Bike Experience Tenerife offers to the bike lovers the chance to know and explore the island of eternal spring, Tenerife, a dream place for a high training experience.

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In Bike Experience Tenerife we offer group and individual excursions , supported by an expert cyclist guide who will help you to know the best corners of the island by pedaling.

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The main reason Tenerife has become so popular with professional cycling teams is because of the opportunities the island offers to train at altitude. Experience the longest climb from sea level in Europe



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