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25 August

A QR in your helmet can help you


Everyday is added to our bicycles and equipments new technologies to make our life easier. Add another one, put a QR in your life.

What is a QR? A QR “Quick Response” are 2D barcodes which includes data. They can be texts, telephone numbers, web address, etc. For Reading, you will need a mobile pone and the app installed in your phone.


Once the meaning is clear, let’s see how useful is a QR in your helmet.

Imagine you take a small break in your bike ride and you stop in a bar. You have something to drink, you pay and go away. But you forget the helmet. Whose is this? Ask the waiter. But nobody answer. The waiter see a QR code, and just reading with a mobile pone ¡vouilá!. In a couple of seconds, we get the owner’s name and telephone number.

Useful, isn’t it?, now imagine how useful can be to add personal information in case of an accident, for example if you suffer any disease (such as diabetes, epilepsy, et.) or you can add your blood group.

The habit to put a QR in your equipment is not very popular in the world of cycling, but just adding this techonology would help you a lot.

Getting a personal QR is very easy, and just surfing the internet, you can find hundreds of web sites. So, put a QR in your life.

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