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18 April



Tenerife is known in the Canary Islands as a paradise for the palate, an island between many charming boasts a distinctive dining and full of varieties.

By choosing destination for touring bicycle, we must also take into account its cuisine to enter pedaling and pedaling load up in the best way that both these batteries need to leave the next day. Therefore, Tenerife is an undisputed choice for all lovers of cycling and good food.

The goat or kid, pork, veal and not forgetting the chicken and rabbit meat are most used in the gastronomy of Tenerife. In fish, grouper, grouper and old, plus tuna stand, although in many parts of the coast fresh fish of the day is not lacking in a good table.

In Tenerife the most popular cuisine mingles with the avant-garde cuisine, always with the same base product and always with a great variety. The visitor has an extensive menu from which decided to mealtimes. The compound goat, the “tollos” sauce (baby shark "dogfish" desalted and flavored with a sauce with garlic, cumin, saffron, paprika, oil and vinegar); old clothes (made with beef and stewed chicken with fries and a sauce made with onions, tomatoes, white wine, saffron, bay leaf, thyme, parsley and black pepper chickpeas). At any time of day is mouthwatering roast leg of pork. But the king of the dishes on the table is the “Sancocho canario” with Salty cherne, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pellet gofio all seasoned with mojo, are a real delicacy.

Among the entrees include fish soup, soups, stew fish broth addition to any of the varieties of the island, so typical in the island cuisine. But in Tenerife, the visitors can not miss trying one of its most typical traditions: eyesque, species with such varied snack foods such as marinated olives or wrinkled potatoes with mojo.

The best way is to enjoy it all together, firsthand, from Bike Experience Tenerife we ​​make it easy, we give you the best bike that suits your abilities and we give an island immensely rich for its cuisine and exquisite places to enjoy the canary food. Do not think twice, I hope.

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