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07 May



Aerodynamics in the world road cycling is very important and there are still many who do not know the benefits of the cyclist. Wake advantage broker or going ahead squad has some important aspects we want to clarify today for you friends Bike Experience Tenerife.

When driving at a speed greater than 25km / h on the flat, aerodynamic drag is the main force that we must overcome to advance, even above the friction of the wheels with the asphalt. The wind is our worst enemy and for this we must try to overcome.

For these reasons, optimize aerodynamics should be a priority for any competitive cyclist. The protocol followed is summarized in the following:

Traverse a fixed distance at a certain speed and record the average power output depending on the variables we want to compare: positions the rider on the bike or different materials. By analyzing the performance data we can estimate the position and the materials with which the rider has been able to save a greater amount of watts, and therefore reduce its FA. There is another way to perform the protocol in which instead of setting a fixed speed, fixed an average power and the impact on the speed is. It is the same but for the cyclist it is often easier to set a fixed speed rather than power.

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