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29 May



The mind and cycling, cycling and mind, these two words must go hand in hand and should walk together in each cyclist journey, but how the right balance is achieved? In this post we talk about all this.

Psychology plays a major role in the sport. In any sport, the training is based on four aspects, physical, technical, tactical and mental. In particular, in the world of cycling is well known that physical preparation is essential, the technique can be perfected pedaling to pedaling and tactics in each race can decide any evidence, but how many athletes or cyclists train the mind

The importance of what we think

At the time when we got on a bike we are liable to receive stimuli, emotions and feelings about our pedaling, the roads we face, our heart... Sometimes we are able to control some of these issues, but other times not so much. That's when we ask whether all this can be controlled. The answer is yes. A cyclist knows from experience that the head works properly is critical.

For those who think that, despite the good workouts and daily record when the truth does not perform as desired and no solution, we should know that if you have one. He possesses that ability naturally, will always have that advantage, but it does not mean you cannot train and improve, if you are working in the right way with the help of a sports psychologist.

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