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02 February

Discover Santiago Del Teide


Today we show you the Santiago Del Teide´s route. It is a comfortable path with a short but intense climb: The climb from Los Gigantes in Santiago del Teide.

We start the route from Las Americas on the road that runs parallel to the highway. Along the way during the first 30 kilometres the sea is going with us and we pass through several towns. If you have time we recommend you to make a stop to visit them. In particular we recommend Playa Santiago and Los Gigantes.

Los Gigantes

When we finish this part of the route the things are really starting to hot up. In a short period of time we go up the road for about 1000 metres and the landscape changes completely. If you hunger and thirst Santiago Del Teide will be a good place to have a break.

Santiago Del Teide 

The last part of the way it will be easier because we start to gradually decline up and we will enjoy the beautiful landscape. And finally we will complete the route where we start.

  Here the route data:

  Distance: 72 km

  Maximum height: 1072 m

  Average vertical rise: 5,83 %

  Average vertical descent: 5,71 %

  Accumulated vertical rise: 1819 m

If you want to find out more about this CLICK HERE.

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