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12 February

Renting saves any complications, time and money 2018


Leave home and enjoy the sport with the peace of mind to know you have support at all times. Problems arise when we need to transport bikes. We are sure you have asked yourself, Should I bring my bike on the plane or rent ?

At first the idea of being able to use your own bike seems the best solution. Probably because you find it more comfortable travelling the world with it taking pictures to remember. But this initial idea can also become a real ordeal.

Taking your bike can travelling with you must, first, find a box. You can get it at a store in your area for free or buy it at the airport for between 20 and 30 Euros. Remove your bike and put it all in, if it comes, and if not, to fend for leftovers can save it with the rest of luggage. After this, and just stay close the box, packing and pay for transportation. Costs range between 30 and 100 euros each way, depending on the company. True, some do it for free but they are very few and have many restrictions, if not fulfill, also have to pay an amount.

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Once on the plane you'll be worried about what might happen with your bike. Firstly if it arrives broken, A distress that could be avoided by leaving it safe at home. Not only that, you also think about how to repackageit, especially if you've an organized trip or route ... Or did you think of carrying the box all the way?

Faced with all this accumulation of discomfort, fear of what may happen to your bike and excessive payments for the trip, we propose that the best option is to rent.

In renting your bike you will be able to forget all travel arrangements. Your only complication will be to make sure your suitcase is packed and think about the enjoyment of your trip. Once here you can choose a bike rental company.

We offer a variety of top brand bikes, road or mountain. You can choose the one that best suits your conditions and prepare for your arrival. For a minimum of 17 euros per day and up to 40 euros (price varies depending on the choice of the bike) you can explore the island with a quality product. You just need to think about choosing the bike for you and enjoy it. Renting is the most convenient and direct way to organise your trip.

With regards to the costs renting a bike for 16  euros a day for a full week, would have a total of 119 euros. When comparing this to what it would cost you to ride your own bike far outways the expense and also the security of knowing that you have not lost one of your most valuable assets.

Live the wonderful new experience of bike hire,  and enjoy the freedom it gives you. 

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