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17 May



Today we devote the first part of a post in the care of our fundamental tool for the cycling practice, our bike. To do this, from Bike Experience Tenerife we ​​have listed a number of points to consider before and after a day of cycling.

We know that if your life is the bike these tips and you know them by heart, but for new fans to the cycling practice we have developed this comprehensive list of details that must not overlook before beginning a march and when you return home .


Before leaving

  • -Check tires, the exact pressure is very important.
  • -Grease chain.
  • -Check quick release wheels.
  • -Check visually that the wheels are centered.
  • -Check that the brake pads are not worn.
  • Tense brake cables.
  • Brake-Bridge with the opening lever in "closed" position.
  • -Check we carry spare parts and tools (inflator, cameras, oxygen pumps, patches, ...).
  • Put reset your clock, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, ...



  • -Check wheels, very important that they have nothing embedded in the tires.
  • -Repair spare camera if we had a puncture.
  • -Clean bicycle if soiled lot and leave ready for the next outing.
  • -Collect all data on our watch.
  • -Review the spoke tension and condition of the tires in case we have suffered a scare with a bump.
  • -Clean our creeks and pedals.
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