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25 May



Last week we shared with you the importance of caring for our bike before and after our outings. Today, from Bike Experience Tenerife we go a little further and a set of parameters after we had made 1,000 and 3,000 kilometers with our bike:

Every 1.000 kilometers

• Total cleaning of the bicycle.
• -Check while the frame and fork that no fissure.
• -Check gaps in the headset and power.
• -Degrease chain and re-greased with oil specified.
• -Check bottom bracket clearance.
• -Remove, with the help of a brush, dirt or debris remains embedded in plates and pinions.
• -Grease with liquid oil, the internal bearings of the rear derailleur pulleys.
• -Put a drop of oil to all pivots of change and diverter.
• -Grease joints and pivots friction brake bridges.
• -Grease the leaders of the brake and shift cables.
• -Check tighten the screws on the brake pedals and bridges.
• -Lubricate with light oil docks clipless pedals.
• -Check the spoke tension and adjust if necessary.
• -Check the condition of the brake cables and change; grease the area near the stops.
• -Clean with a hard hair brush, the brake shoes.
• -Clean with a solvent braking track tires.
• -Check the wear of the coves.
Every 3.000 km

• -Check the hub bearings.
• -Check slack pedal axle.
• -Grease bottom bracket bearings.
• Full review the headset.
• -Check state of the brake pads and replace if necessary.
• -Measure and check chain and their status. Change if necessary.

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