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20 March



Tenerife is characterized by its volcanic character near to the Ecuador and the passage of the trade winds endow this unique and capital island of unique conditions for the development of some extraordinary natural features and landscapes.

Tenerife´s conditions has produced numerous natural and endemic animals, thanks to a privileged climate, characterized by its softness and absence of sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions, has led to Tenerife and the Canary Islands to be known as Islands of eternal spring or the Garden of the Hesperides.

For two centuries, Tenerife has become an essential island for lovers of nature and different scholars from different materials not hesitate to visit for their studies and professional development. Furthermore, climate variability in parameters privileged generates a flora and fauna, both marine and terrestrial, of enormous wealth.

In particular, the terrestrial fauna is represented by a variety of invertebrates (more than five thousand species) occupying every habitat on the island. The vertebrate fauna, not as large, is composed of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, the latter introduced recently in dams and reservoirs.

Meanwhile, marine wildlife treasures a mixture with the Mediterranean although their Atlantic similarities are evident, creating a panorama of high species diversity. Like, for example, five species of turtles that arrive on our shores, as the leatherback turtle, and other customary of its waters, as the loggerhead and hawksbill.

Tenerife cares essentially all its protected areas, with a very unique and extraordinary natural landscape. The island is home to a national park, another natural and two rural, which integral and special nature reserves, natural monuments, protected landscapes and sites of scientific interest are added. All these parts add 43 spaces in total occupy about half of the island surface.

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