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22 December

The fresh sea breeze in “El Médano”


Let’s talk about the route in “El Médano”, a route where you can enjoy the views from the seaside.

We start the route from our shop, direction to east parallel to TF1, and we will find the first rising fairway, 175 metres uphill, “The Guaza Mountain”. Then a small descent and immediately another ascent which is the highest part of the route. Once, we past the first tranche, the route is very pleasant, because you can enjoy the beautiful views and because is mostly all the way down.

At the end of the fisrt part of the route we will arrive to El Médano, which is the perfect place to take a rest, eat or drink something and take a swim in the beach.

Then, after enjoying from all the opportunities that El Médano offer you, we are ready to go back. Just highlight that the ascent to Las Chafiras is a little hard, it’s 2,5 kilometres and a difference in level of 3,5%.

In short, this route is to enjoy and relax. If you want to know more or hire the route, just click here.

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