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25 March



From Bike Experience Tenerife want to share with you some tips to gain the best way a mountain. Because here in Tenerife, we have some hard mountains, every year as part of the preparation of the best cyclists in the world for their pre-season training are doing here in Tenerife. Want to know how to climb? Take a look at these tips:

  1. Do your homework and study the harbor: Regardless of whether it is a simple ascent or a port-length, study in depth various aspects of climbing as its difficulty, pitch and duration, and get valuable information to deal with it when the time comes.


  1. Choose your horse well: The size of the bike, weight and comfort yours above it are fundamental to achieving the challenge scheduled to ascend that port're so eager to complete. You need a light and durable bike that is capable of supporting all your weight smoothly. Similarly, we recommend that your bike has a wide range of gears for that at all times you find the best possible rate on your ascension (21 is ideal).


  1. Your pose matter: This section is very important because if we do not get the correct posture climb very depleted port. To avoid these unbearable back pain and neck have to put the saddle at a height such that your legs reach no stretch at all when you are pedaling. Bows a little your body and keep your shoulders and neck relaxed to prevent contractures and muscle twitching. Also, keep in mind that in areas where the port gets harder the best way to deal with it in standing and fostered by the strength of the whole body.


  1. The pace: Most important in an ascent to a port is how to find your rhythm. Once you get it, the challenge of reaching the summit will draw near to you. Find comfort while we got is very important to not suffer physically and psychologically. Besides finding is also very important to keep it, otherwise it will become a difficult target to reach.


  1. Hydrate: The theme of hydration is very important, stay hydrated at all times. Therefore, the importance of bringing water and mineral salts. Climbing a mountain is a hard task, and certainly need to hydrate, not only to replenish the water lost, but also to beat the heat. Be very careful how these fluids are consumed, it is advisable to take short and continuous shots because if we long drinks and fill the stomach abruptly can backfire.


  1. Learn how to take turns: The difficulty of the curves in a promotion of a port is capitalized, for them, if not in a hurry to reach the goal, it's doing on the outside thereof. More pedaling will be given but the inclination to which you will face will be less than if you go through the curve inside, place with extreme difficulty because the steepness of the curve significantly increases the inclination of the road.


  1. Our friend lettuce: The heat when climbing a mountain is always an enemy to the rider, so it is advisable to place one or two lettuce leaves under your helmet or even in your shoulders and inside the maillot. It is very effective because it helps calm the nerves, calm palpitations and helps to relax deeply, so go up the port calmer and cool way.


  1. Cyclists reporters: Once we complete the mountain we will completely sweaty. Now begins the descent and it is very effective to get the newspaper and put it between the chest and abdomen and so we will isolate the wind and cold, making the descent a much more comfortable and sheltered journey.


  1. Feeding: Climb a mountain is a very difficult task to perform for his toughness, so food should be the most appropriate to achieve the objective. To do this, the days before the ascent must make a diet rich in carbohydrates, not forgetting proteins and vegetables. Similarly, foods like pasta, rice and bananas are very effective.
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