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16 April



What is clear that the cyclist practice involves numerous sufferings. Many people living near cyclists do not understand why so many miles and so long on a bicycle. No doubt that long distance cyclists wear a extreme lifestyle. Why so much suffering ?, What are the benefits? In Bike Experience Tenerife we ​​answer these questions.

An enviable shape

Surely the long distance cyclist is among the athletes so that they can meet. And, with just one hour of cycling burn around 500 calories. We are talking about an ideal way to improve heart rate, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, bicycling use a variety of muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and into the heart. Moreover, the cycling not exercise pressure on joints.


 High energy

A cyclist used to climb steep slopes and exposed to extreme sacrifice energy recharges continuously, despite being a grueling sport, cyclists have more energy than people who do not practice this sport. In a 2008 study, researchers found that after six weeks of bike to low and moderate feelings of fatigue and decreased energy levels increased.


Gain on appeal

According to studies by the British Heart Foundation, a quarter of the population admitted that rather date a cyclist before any other athlete.


Be self-sufficient

Cycling is recognized as one of the toughest sports that can be practiced in the face of the earth, the ongoing fight against time and against oneself are determining factors when pedaling. A greater number of higher realized kilometers is growing self-sufficiency in person.

This philosophy is why many people struggle everyday. Being self-sufficient means to be happy at all times. Self-sufficient people find stability through welfare, so everything negative that happens to them they will be able to solve no problem.


They live longer

A philosophy of life tied to a bicycle supposed to be healthier and feel healthier. In addition, several studies on longevity of cyclists, cycling is associated with a longer life. A clear example of this fact is the average life ever in your life been playing a Tour de France live about eight more than the other people who do not practice cycling years.

Furthermore, if we combine this data to the intensity with which it has been practiced through cycling sport for a lifetime, help to prolong the lives of women and men four and five years, respectively.

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