19 September

Bianchi goes e-bike with their E-Vertic series


Bianchi has bundled its entire new range of electric bikes under their E-Vertic rang.

One of the best bicycle brands in history has made a strong commitment to the new generation of electric bikes. And this is reflected in its new 2023 models.

Find out everything you need to know about the new Bianchi electric bikes in this article.

Bianchi E-Vertic 2023

Within the E-Vertic range, all the brand's new electric bikes are grouped together, from the e-MTB to the more urban electric bikes. In total there will be 5 different models: three mountain bikes and two urban e-bikes.

E-Vertic FX-Type Pro

This is the brand's flagship electric Enduro bike. It has 29" wheels and a carbon frame. Its motor offers 85 Nm of torque and the battery has a capacity of 750 Wh, giving it a range of up to 155 km.

E-Vettic FX-Type

This is the aluminium full-suspension variant. It is a version with a much more Trail character. In terms of motor and battery it is the same as the Pro version.

E-Vertic X-Type

The last of the Bianchi e-MTBs is a stiffer aluminium bike with a more XC/Trail profile. In this model, the motor is the same, but the battery is the same: this one has a 625 Wh battery, offering a range of up to 142 km.

E-Vertic T-Type

For the time being, the bike brand has announced that it will have two urban models, although with off-road features.

The first, the T-Type, is inspired by MTBs and has a headlight, rear rack and mudguards, among other accessories.

In terms of battery and motor, both the T-Type and C-Type are very similar to the E-Vertic MTB versions. Both urban options are available with up to 500 Wh batteries and ranges of up to 115 km.

E-Vertic C-Type

The C-Type, on the other hand, has a much more classic model reminiscent of a city bike. It is a bike without a top tube, which makes it easier to use, especially for people with limited mobility.

The riding position also changes, with this model being more upright and less sporty, designed more for comfort than speed.

Bosch electric assistance

All models in the E-Vertic range have a Bosch Smart System electric assistance system, which improves performance and enhances natural pedaling sensations.

Undoubtedly, the new Bianchi bikes are a clear commitment to electrification. And not only for amateur users but also for professionals.

Bianchi e-MTBs are also ready for top competition. And this is very important because more and more competitors are focused on this type of bike.

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